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Rangiroa, the unexpected encounter


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will experience an unforgettable experience in Rangiroa: ideal conditions all year long and of course an exceptional reef and pelagic life.

About fifteen species of sharks are visible in Polynesia and Rangiroa: dozens or even hundreds of gray sharks and mythical encounters such as the great hammerhead shark (from November to March or April), or the impressive tiger shark.

At random encounters and seasons, you will have the chance to cross a solitary manta ray, or a flight of leopard rays that gather at the bottom of Tiputa pass. They are the favorite prey of the great hammerhead shark.

In Rangiroa, it is not uncommon to observe common bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, who are part of the Tiputa pass. Depending on their mood, they happen to get closer to the group of divers and sometimes to adopt a player behavior!

Unique moment and unforgettable experience! But these meetings and its possible interactions must be done with respect for the animal, not to mention that it remains a wild animal whose reactions are not always predictable. They are present all year, but keep the distance with the divers during any births in the group.

Dive Sites

Dives into the passes

Tiputa and Avatoru

The passes are large channels several meters deep in the coral ring that ensure the exchanges between the oceanic waters and those of the lagoon. The lagoon empties and fills with the rhythm of the tides.

The dives take place mainly around the two Tiputa and Avatoru passes, a few minutes from the dive center.

At the rising tide, the current is "returning": the water of the ocean fills the lagoon. This is the right moment for drift diving: divers immerse themselves outside the pass and get carried away by the current into the lagoon or on the edges of the pass where the effects of current flow dissipate. Great gliding sensations! And underwater encounters guaranteed!
At the ebb tide, the current in the passes is outgoing: the water of the lagoon, pours into the water the ocean.

Most sites are accessible to all levels of divers. For drift dives, good buoyancy control is required. It is therefore best during your stay to start with a "no current" dive. The monitor will advise you on the day depending on the conditions of the moment!

Sunset Dives

To vary the pleasures

Y Aka Diving also organizes dives at dusk. A different atmosphere of the day when sometimes hundreds of surgeon fishes renew the species offering us a ballet out of the ordinary. Predators are often at the rendezvous: sharks, dog-tooth tunas, trevallies, napoleons.

Very beautiful underwater atmosphere.

Magical encounters

Training Dives

Discovery Diving

Enjoy your first dive experience in Rangiroa and discover a unique underwater experience
After a short lesson introducing the equipment and some tips for your comfort and safety, you will leave accompanied by a monitor for a 40 minutes immersion between 0 and 6m of water. No rush, your monitor is only there for you, and it is at your own pace that you will make your first bubbles under water. The site "Motu Nuhi Nuhi" located in the Tiputa Pass is ideal for beginners and the coral reefs of the lagoon.

Guaranteed amazement!

Training Dives

To progress
If you want to improve your technique and pass dives, we organize every day, at the request of individual training dives. Y AKA Plongée Rangiroa is a dive school affiliated with ANMP and PADI. For more information, contact us.

Rebreather Diving

Discover the pleasure of evolving silently
Y AKA Plongée and Thomas PERCEVAL offer introductory dives in AP Diving rebreather. Ability to pass the recycler qualifications on Rangiroa (TDI training).

For divers with a rebreather, you will find everything you need on site:
  • Inflating diluent and oxygen (with booster)
  • Supply of soda lime
  • Bailout available
For more information, contact us.
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