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The Best Diving Club!

The Diving Center

Y Aka Plongée Rangiroa is located on the lagoon beach between the Kia Ora hotel and Rangiroa public beach. We organize free transfers between your hotel or your pension and the base.

A few minutes of navigation are enough to reach the main dive sites, so that we can return to earth between each dive for a tea or coffee break or sunbath on the beach (hammock and sun loungers are at your disposal).

Open 7/7 all year from 7:30AM to 6:00PM

On-line booking and payment available

The Team

Our leitmotifs: safety, pleasure and good mood



Virginie Jeandel (Ninie)

Jean-Marie Jeandel

Alexis Mervin

Aipitaroi Ariihohoa

Thomas Perceval

Médéric Brun

Sophie Babel (Canelle)

Alizée Même

Mana & Kaina

The office

The buddy that we must not bother


The diving instructors

Katy CORVIOLLE, Marco DELECLUSE, Thomas PERCEVAL, Jean-Marie JEANDEL, Virginie Jeandel (Ninie), Sophie Babel (Canelle). Experienced and passionate scuba instructors.

Installed for more than 10 years in Polynesia and Rangiroa, the instructors of Y Aka Diving are all holders of BEES 1 ° Scuba Diving, instructors PADI OWSI and know every corner of sites of the atoll. Before each dive, they will give you the appropriate advice to optimize each of your dives. They adapt their underwater course according to your level and your desires.

For bubble-free enthusiast divers, Thomas has a TDI rebreather instructor rating. He can accompany you during exploration. For more information about this, contact us directly by email.

The boat drivers

Alexis MERVIN, Aipitaroi ARIIHOHOA, Médéric BRUN

All are native of Rangiroa. They live near the Tiputa pass. Underwater fighters emeritus, they know each stream, and also the name of each fish in Tahitian language! Their role is essential to the safety of divers: navigate to sites, drop us at the right place, ensure safety on the surface and finally recover the divers where the guide has released his parachute.

Y Aka's companions

Mana & Kaina

The Diving Equipments

A fleet of SCUBAPRO equipment is at your disposal: regulators, vests, masks and fins, shorty 3 mm, lycra, and long 3 mm combination for the chilly. (the temperature of the water varies between 26 ° C and 29 ° C).

The bottles are aluminum compensated with a volume of 15 l for even longer dives and for more comfort! We also have 12 liters for baptisms or dives in shallow water. And a compressor BAUER mini verticus 3.

All diving equipment is provided free of charge.

The Boats

1 zodiac Mark 5 with YAMAHA 60hp engine, with a maximum capacity of 9 divers and a sailor.

2 Apex, equipped with a new Mercury 90CV engine, with a maximum capacity of 8 divers.


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